BIghorn Sheep ewe crossing a highway. Photo by Mike DelliVeneri/CPW

We all need to move safely. CPW and CDOT are working together to address wildlife-vehicle collisions in Colorado.

In Colorado, 4,000 wildlife- vehicle collisions (WVCs) happen each year.

Wildlife-vehicle collisions cost $66.3 million annually in medical expenses.

Every year, 2% of big game populations & 9,000 mule deer are killed on highways.

With increasing traffic throughout the state, human-wildlife collisions are rising and causing both safety and ecological impacts. From 2009 – 2018, over 37,400 wildlife-vehicle collisions were reported in Colorado.

Our Work

In 2018, the Colorado Wildlife & Transportation Alliance (“Alliance”) was established as a statewide coalition between the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), federal, tribal, academic, nonprofit, biologist, and engineering partners. The Alliance is a collaborative effort with a vision to partner with other Coloradans to improve human safety and wildlife movement needs into Colorado’s transportation system.

Goals include:

  • Incorporate wildlife needs into transportation planning projects
  • Connect agencies that have similar wildlife mitigation missions
  • Fund projects that build safe passageways for wildlife
  • Build partnerships and awareness to protect wildlife movements across the landscape
  • Educate future generations about wildlife conservation